eg. communication offers one of the most recent introductions to the outdoor advertising world, Metro Wrapping.

These are large format eye catching billboards that targets metro users and non-users both simultaneously. Internationally train/bus wrapping has been used since a long time but recently been introduced to the Indian market to this scale. With an extremely strong foothold and focussed approach in this niche advertising segment, eg. Communications have become the sole concessionaires of Delhi Metro Trains on Line II, III, IV, & V for train wraps. With a host of unmatched advantages like high brand positioning, exclusivity, long tenure, focussed TG hit, highest brand recall and many more, Metro Wraps have become one of the top options in advertising budgets.


Having the expertise and experience to give you the most innovative and cost effective options in Metro advertising, you can be rest assured that your brand like create a high brand positioning and recall among your TG.